So this years Hannibal Blog Awards are now officially over! Thank you for taking part, for nominating, voting and just sharing your love about this wonderful show! 
To end it completely we want to share a few of the cute/supportive comments people put under the polls. Read through and feel the love! :3 

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Best official blog

  1. nbchannibal
  2. nbchannibal
  3. nbchannibal
3 months ago with 80 notes; nbchannibal hannibalblogawards because they are just the biggest fangirls hannibaledit hannibal lecter

Best overall

  1. idontfindyouthatinteresting
  2. fuckyeahannibal
  3. fuckinghannibal
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Best Will/Alana Blog

  1. everythingwillana
  2. heartsetsail
  3. forestardenne
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Funniest Blogger

  1. bansheegrahamtao
  2. haanigram 
  3. theadventuresofhannib
3 months ago with 67 notes; bansheegrahamtao haanigram theadventuresofhannib hannibalblogawards hannibaledit

Best gif maker

  1. sherlock-hannibal
  2. renlybaratheon
  3. margoverger
3 months ago with 44 notes; margoverger renlybaratheon sherlock hannibal hannibalblogawards hannibaledit

Best Fan arts

  1. geothebio
  2. thetuxedos
  3. bansheegrahamtao
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Best URL

  1. idontfindyouthatinteresting
  2. plaid-suits-and-paisley-ties & tattle-crime
  3. hannibalspenis
3 months ago with 46 notes; hannibalspenis​ tattle-crime​ plaid-suits-and-paisley-ties idontfindyouthatinteresting hannibaledit hannibalblogawards

Most craziest blogger

  1. imaginehanniballecter
  2. mean-cannibals
  3. twerkinghannibal
3 months ago with 64 notes; imaginehanniballecter mean cannibals​ twerkinghannibal​ hannibaledit hannibalblogawards

Best Video maker

  1. do-you-have-a-flag
  2. yotb0ka
  3. pcapitated
3 months ago with 29 notes; pcapitated​ yotb0ka do you have a flag hannibalblogawards hannibaledit